Water Restrictions in Rockland County

This year has been the hottest in recorded history. Shattering records across the country and around the globe. Unprecedented levels of drought, coupled with 1000 year floods, never before weather patterns pushed by climate change feed back loops. It is a new world of weather that we are facing.

Rockland County in upstate New York is no different. This past winter there was less snow fall. Though it has saved residents backaches and rock salt, the resulting loss of ground water is not unexpected. Unsurprisingly, this spring and summer has been marked with hight temperatures and little rain fall.

Even though August felt like it had quite a bit of rain, it did not cover the deficit of expected spring showers. Despite "all the rain" water restrictions have just be reiterated.

The Rockland County Commissioner of Health has issued a declaration from Stage II to a Stage I Water Emergency effective August 24, 2016.

Residents may only water lawns, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs,

potted plants, or other outdoor plants at the following times every other day:

  • Automatic, in-ground irrigation systems: 12am - 6 am.

  • Manual sprinklers or a hose: 4 pm - 10 p.m.

Properties with an odd numbered address may water on odd days of the month and properties with an even number may water on even days of the month.

For example: If you live at 9 Main Street, you may water your garden or landscape during specified hours on August 25, 27, 29, etc. If you live at 10 Main Street, you may water your garden or landscape during specified hours on August 24, 26, 28, etc.

Mulching is recommended to preserve moisture.

Source: http://rocklandgov.com/index.php?cID=2542

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