Summer Season Description

View from Cascade Mountain, Lake Placid NY

In the fall of 2016, My family gifted me three wonderful days to myself in the Adirondack Region of upstate New York. I spent those brilliant warm days leaf peeping from three of the 47 high peeks. It was the perfect way to rejuvenate and reconnect with myself and my artistic inspiration as I prepared to launch my own business as well as start a new job.

It was glorious and inspiring experiance.

Liken from its orignal location near Mount Giant in Keen Valley

Through out my life I have collected natural objects which catch my fancy. Nature is beauteous and although I understand that we can not all take some of her with us, for there would be nothing left, I sometimes just can't help myself. Along my journey I found a lovely piece of liken, though not on the trail head nor within a state park or preserve. I gave thanks for this precious gift of inspiration and muse. Upon returned to my family to began a new set of routines, this piece of liken was about to embark on a long journey of its own.

In the early days of 2017, I started trimming the liken into smaller parts. Seeing how the pieces formed,

connected, and grew as I dissected it, I became further inspired. I started seeing how the pieces could come back together to create rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. I prepared the thin, delicate, liken by gently adding wax to fill its concave back; trimmed away weak points and areas far to thin to be cast. Than with great care from my casters they returned to me as hundreds of small silver trees!

That was when the real fun began. I started by snipping away some sections of the liken and seeing how they might reconnect. Each time I cut off a piece of liken I was given a new inspiration. I formed circles from square silver wire to frame the delicate limbs of the liken. I cut and hammered thicker branches of the liken to form tree trunks and solid points of connections. Soldering thicker points to protect finer lines, I formed and shaped branches and limbs. From three molds I was able to design at least ten different designs. Each of those ten designs come out unique each time. These pieces have been launched at Ithaca's 2017 Summer Festival are currently avaiable exclusively at upcoming craft fairs.

Tree of Life designed and produced Natural Adornment by Elena McCabe

I have been given a great opportunity to explore tree as icon as well as tree as habitat.

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